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Windows Administrator (KLCC)

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  • Salary: RM8,000.00 - RM15,000.00
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  • Job ID: 02861
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Job Description

Salary Range: RM 8,000 – RM 15,000
Location: KLCC
Nature of Business: Game Developer

1. Upon confirmation of employment (3 months), you will entitle to 7 days of paid leave. Subsequent every following 6 months will entitle 16 days of paid leave.
2. Other benefits such as monthly attendance allowance and transport allowance, business trips allowance and etc
3. Not to miss out on the festive gifts, condolence gifts, holiday gifts, etc.
4. Many more company activities such team building, indoor sports, outdoor sport, SPA & club facilities, etc

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the installation, configuration, removing bugs, maintenance and management of servers, switches, routers, firewalls and software/ hardware
2. Responsible for the emergency response, analysis and processing of the company network,
monitoring of network security, network quality and network equipment
3. Responsible for the company’s network security and defense strategy
4. Responsible for the construction and maintenance of private cloud VMware Horizon, Vsphere, ESXI

Work requirements:
1. Proficient in system software and hardware; troubleshooting: reinstall windows / linux / macos and other systems, problems occur in operation of application software, troubleshooting or replacement for the equipment or hardware failure
2. Proficient in network systems: constructing independently a complete LAN environment, proficient in Cisco or Huawei branded network equipment, including routers/gateways/switches
3. Proficiency in configuring VPN / NAT / ROUTE / VLAN, etc., fast locate and solve various network problems in daily office
4. Proficient in Linux service management and maintenance, such as apache, nginx, mysql and other application services, firewall and other network services
5. Proficient in the construct, management and maintenance of VMware Horizon, Vsphere, ESX and VDI technologies
6. Familiar with automatic scripting, such as Python, Perl, shell and bat
7. Familiar with the management and usage relate to databases (such as mysql)
8. Proficiency in using printers, projectors and other equipment
9. Clear thinking, independent, self-learning ability, provide good service


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