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System Engineer (Operation and Maintenance) KLCC

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  • Salary: RM12,000.00
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Job Description

Salary Range: RM 12,000
Location: KLCC
Nature of Business: Game Developer

1. Upon confirmation of employment (3 months), you will entitle to 7 days of paid leave. Subsequent every following 6 months will entitle 16 days of paid leave.
2. Other benefits such as monthly attendance allowance and transport allowance, business trips allowance and etc
3. Not to miss out on the festive gifts, condolence gifts, holiday gifts, etc.
4. Many more company activities such team building, indoor sports, outdoor sport, SPA & club facilities, etc

Job Responsibilities
1.Responsible for the launch of the company’s business systems, operation and maintenance changes, troubleshooting, etc.,
and timely handling of online system failures to ensure the stable operation of the system 24/7
2.Responsible for establishing and improving the business monitoring system to ensure the quality of business operation;
Responsible for optimizing and perfecting the existing operation and maintenance procedures and specifications,
and writing corresponding emergency plans;
Responsible for data backup, data monitoring, emergency response, troubleshooting, writing data analysis reports, etc.;

Job Requirements
1. At least have 3 years experience in operation and maintenance; At least have 1 years experience in game operation and maintenance.
2. Familiar with open source middleware and database deployment planning and operation and maintenance, example: Redis、Mysql、Nginx、Tomcat、Docker、K8S、EFK and etc.
3. Familiar with development and open source monitoring tools, automated operation and maintenance
4. Proficient in Linux operating system, familiar with common operation commands, and able to write automated operation and maintenance scripts;
5. Proficient at least 1 scripting language proficiently (shell/python/ruby/perl, etc.)
6. Experience in board games, SAAS system or financial system operation and maintenance is preferred


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