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Senior Java Developer (Microservices) KLCC

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  • Salary: RM17,000.00 - RM25,000.00
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  • Job ID: 02850
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Job Description

Salary Range: RM 17,000 – RM25,000
Location: KLCC
Nature of Business: Game Developer

1. Upon confirmation of employment (3 months), you will entitle to 7 days of paid leave. Subsequent every following 6 months will entitle 16 days of paid leave.
2. Other benefits such as monthly attendance allowance and transport allowance, business trips allowance and etc
3. Not to miss out on the festive gifts, condolence gifts, holiday gifts, etc.
4. Many more company activities such team building, indoor sports, outdoor sport, SPA & club facilities, etc

Job Responsibilities:
1. Participate in the design and implementation of microservices architecture, demand analysis, architecture design, module design
2. Participate in business and front-end, back-end technical architecture analysis
3. Guide the team to develop and solve various intractable problems
4. Continuously improve the technology and capabilities of the team

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mathematics and computer, more than 3 years of Java development experience
2. Proficient in programming languages ​​such as Java and Kotlin, and experience in the design of high performance, high concurrency, and highly reliable microservices architecture
3. A solid Java foundation, familiar with basic frameworks such as IO, multithreading, asynchronous processing, caching, message middleware, collections, etc., understand the principles and functions of JVM
4. Familiar with distributed database middleware, MySQL, Memcache, MongoDB, Redis, etc.
5. Proficient in SpringBoot, SpringCloud, and other microservices frameworks, and have practical experience in current limiting, degradation, circuit breakers, and service governance
6. Familiar with the design and application of high-traffic, high-concurrency distributed systems, mechanisms such as distribution, caching, and message passing; able to apply common distributed technologies and solve problems
7. Master multi-threaded high-performance design, coding and performance tuning, high concurrent application development experience


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