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Translator (Remotely)

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  • Salary: $1,800.00
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Job Description

Position: Translator (Thai/ Indonesia/Vietnamese – English)

Salary Range: USDT 1,800

Location : Remotely

Business Nature : Game Developer



  1. Product Translation: Translate texts, menus, and other content in products into Indonesian, ensuring accuracy, fluency, and professionalism.
  2. Copy Translation: Translate various rules, announcements, and front-end/back-end content into Indonesian.
  3. Localization: Adapt games based on local culture and market demands, including adjustments in language, images, and thematic style.
  4. Cultural Consultation: Understand local language, culture, and market demands during the translation and localization process, providing cultural consultation and recommendations to company clients.
  5. Market Promotion: Collect advertisement placements, collaborate with live streamers, and engage in business negotiations while maintaining advertiser relationships.


  1. Fluent in English and the native language of Indonesian/ Thai/Vietnamese, or fluent in Indonesian/Thai/Vietnamese with proficiency in English for translation and communication.
  2. Excellent oral and written communication skills to accurately express and convey information.
  3. Familiarity with local culture and history, with a certain understanding of local society and politics.
  4. Translation or interpretation experience, with the ability to translate various documents, materials, and meeting records accurately and efficiently.
  5. Strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  6. High level of responsibility and enthusiasm for work, ensuring tasks are completed on time while maintaining translation quality.
  7. Relevant educational backgrounds, such as linguistics, translation studies, and international trade, would be preferred.
  8. Proficiency in office software, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  9. We open to local people in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia

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