A long time ago when someone joined a workplace, they could be sure that they would work there for decades, or at least for years. Of course, we should not generalize, but employers didn’t have to deal with such a high level of workforce fluctuation back then. Nowadays skilled and less skilled individuals alike look for better opportunities—to make more money, to work more flexibly and become their own bosses, to experience less stress, etc. The reasons for and purposes of getting a new job vary. What most people have in common is that they turn to particular websites to learn about the positions they could fulfill.

You could also show them those amazing jobs as our Recruiter to help the opportunity seekers to search for a better path for their career!

You just need to subscribe to jobs Recruiter programs, share links, and banners on your website, blog or social media channels, and get paid. You don’t need to do anything apart from inserting links and graphics provided by the various job boards. Job boards’ affiliate programs are similar at their core but the level of the commission received, cookie duration, and the platform used to track performance might differ. Your target audience, readers, listeners, viewers will have an impact on your decision as well. Try to stay true to yourself and you (and your audience) won’t feel you’re selling out. Earning money in a rather passive way should be a joy not a source of stress!

By joining the Recruiter Program, you could make money by promoting jobs. It’s free to sign up. Whatever that you could seamlessly include in your content or share in forums—something that you and your audience can truly relate to.

The Recruiter Program

We are well-linked in South East Asia in countries like Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and of course, Malaysia as an online job boards, an employment-related job portal specially to serve your needs. Our Recruiter Program doesn’t cost you a dime and all you need to do is to contact and let us know how we can work with you.


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