About the Market for Talents

With the influx of graduates entering the workforce each year (this number, of course, varies from industry to industry where demand for certain jobs are higher than others), you’d think that the job market is veritably saturated with talent. The hard truth is this— candidate scarcity is still one of the biggest challenges for most employers. Employers are undeniably spoilt for choice when it comes to surveying the talent pool for potential employees, yet most struggle to hire the right person for their company needs. Compounding the issue at hand is the fact that some employers still gravitate towards inefficient recruitment habits, which make the hiring process unnecessarily tedious.

The race to securing top talent

This inefficiency when it comes to hiring poses as a serious problem as good quality candidates are snapped up quickly. Moreover, the modern job seeker is highly selective when it comes to the search for a job— often considering company culture and reputation— among many other factors, before sending in their job applications. The pressure is on for employers to act fast and implement powerful recruitment marketing strategies in order to attract the right candidate for the job. So how does your company gain a competitive edge over others in the race to secure top talent?

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