The Dataroom home is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. This property or home has five lounges, a personal pool, and a health spa. The home also has a personal garden, store, and associate service. The home includes a nightclub and workshop. It is a excellent home for a entrepreneur, and it is the ideal place for a family trip. The entire space is contemporary and great looking. It has a assistant service, as well as a professional cleaning team.

The Dataroom residence is a high end rental which includes eight bedrooms and five lounges. The luxurious residence features five lounges and five lay rooms. It has a personal pool and a steam area. It also provides a gym and a day spa. The Dataroom home also provides concierge companies, an online retailer, a clubhouse, and a workshop. During your stay, you can rest in the private courtyard, enjoy the hot tub, or relax by the outdoor fire pit.

The Dataroom residence is perfect for business travelers or perhaps families on holiday. It has five lounges, a personal pool, a spa, and a bar. The exact property also has an assistant and an online shop. The home has a workshop, a clubhouse, and a work space with regards to guests. The Dataroom house is a one of a kind luxury house that offers luxury and relaxation. There is a data centre in the premises!

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