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Senior Operation Executive (KLCC)

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Job Description

Monthly Salary: RM 8,000 – RM10,000
Work Location: KLCC
Company Industry: Game Developer

1. Upon confirmation of employment (3 months), you will entitle for 7 days of paid leave. Subsequent every following 6 months will entitle for 16 days of paid leave.
2. Other benefits such as monthly attendance allowance and transport allowance, business trips allowance and etc
3. Not to miss out the festive gifts, condolence gifts, holiday gifts, etc.
4. Many more company activities such team building, indoor sports, outdoor sport, SPA & club facilities, etc

Job Requirements
1. Education: Diploma or above
2. Requirements: Proficient in Chinese, English and Malay, familiar with Malay administrative operations
3. Need to stay in company hostel

Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for playing the staff, coordinating and managing the comprehensive management functions, and handling the unclear company affairs.
2. According to the company’s needs and instructions, arrange a schedule of work activities and supervise the progress of tasks.
3. Responsible for guiding, managing, and supervising the business work of the staff of the Public Affairs Department, improving the quality of work and service attitude, and doing a good job in the performance appraisal, reward and punishment of company staff.
4. Complete the work temporarily assigned by the superior.
5. Lead the company’s logistics service work, create and maintain a good working service environment.
6. Regularly organize inspections of office functions, find and solve problems in time, and supervise corrective and preventive measures.
7. Responsible for coordinating the cooperative relationship between the company’s systems, and mediating problems in the early stage of work.
8. Responsible for the inspection of the implementation of the company’s management model, summarize the feedback from various departments, organize and analyze it and report to the superior.
9. Master the work of the administrative system and the operation of the company’s administrative management, and report to the superior in a timely manner.
10. Represent the company to liaise with relevant external departments and institutions and maintain good cooperative relations.
11. Visa and diplomatic experience are preferred


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