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Python Engineer(KLCC)

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Salary Range: RM 10,000 – RM20,000
Location: KLCC
Nature of Business: Game Developer

1. Upon confirmation of employment (3 months), you will entitle for 7 days of paid leave. Subsequent every following 6 months will entitle for 16 days of paid leave.
2. Other benefits such as monthly attendance allowance and transport allowance, business trips allowance and etc
3. Not to miss out the festive gifts, condolence gifts, holiday gifts, etc.
4. Many more company activities such team building, indoor sports, outdoor sport, SPA & club facilities, etc

Job Responsibilities
1. Focus on data crawling in vertical fields, and conduct multi-platform information capture and analysis.
2. Participate in the design and development of the crawler system architecture and build an efficient crawler system.
3. Research and optimize crawler algorithms to improve the stability and scalability of the crawler system.
4. Design crawler strategies and anti-blocking rules to improve the efficiency and quality of web crawling.
5. Can independently solve various problems encountered in the actual development process.

Job Requirements
1. Familiar with TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS and other network protocols, familiar with web front-end, readable js code, familiar with front-end asynchronous request method.
2. Proficiency in Python language, familiar with common crawler frameworks such as Scrapy.
3. Proficiency in using selenium, lxml, bs4xpath regular expressions to capture, parse, and clean xml and html text.
4. Have experience in distributed crawler development, familiar with anti-crawler technology and cracking methods.
5. Familiar with common databases such as MySql/MongoDB/Redis.

Unit 11.03, Level 11 Menara MBMR, Jalan Syed Putra, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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