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Java Architect (Oversea)

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  • Salary: RM13,000.00
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Job Description

Salary Range: Starting from RM 13,000
Work Location: Manila, Philippines
Company Industry: Online Game
Proficient in English and Mandarin

– Monthly KPI Bonus + Yearly Bonus + Full Attendance + Project Rewards+. Health Insurance +Yearly Service Award + OT
– Including accommodation, meals, transportation
– Birthday gift
– Team building

1. Achieves payment gateway information architecture operational
2. Implementing production and quality standards; resolving problems; identifying trends; determining system improvements; implementing change.
3. Completing systems design reports.
4. Develop a team training plan for training and improvement


1. Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science.
2. 7 years above of Java development experience, multi-threading and other basic libraries, distributed caching and other technologies
3. 3 years of experience in Internet industry architecture, microservice system technology, K8s implementation experience is preferred;
4. Familiar with Spring boot, Springcloud, Mybatis, MQ development framework, Spring Cloud microservices;
5. Proficient in popular distributed systems and their architectures such as Rabbitmq, Kafka, Zookeeper, Zeromq;
6. Master in distributed open source technologies, including distributed things, distributed logs, MQ;
7. Proficient in caching and other mechanisms, familiar with the design, application, and tuning of high-concurrency, high-performance distributed systems;
8. Proficient in database Mysq, NoSQL storage, Hbase, memcached, redis, mongodb, etc.;
9. Familiar with Linux system, and be able to master various Linux (commands and tools) and shell.
10. Bonus points for relevant experience in large-scale mutual benefit network projects and high concurrency;
11. Proficiency in Chinese, English and Filipino


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