All of the dog regarding litter features a definite identity

For each and every ballplayer is a definite organization

dissent (dis ENT) vi. step 1. to own a unique faith otherwise advice; differ, often which have regarding; dos. so you can refuse brand new doctrine out-of an established religion -n. brand new work of disagreeing, particularly a legal view up against the majority’s; spiritual nonconformity • Bulls find a hookup in Billings and you will carries dissent from 1 other in their stock buy plans. • Henry VIII’s dissent with the pope was the cause of creation of one’s Anglican Chapel. • Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. published specific very greatest dissents throughout the his title with the Best Legal. [-ed, -ing]

different (dis SIM i loer) adj. maybe not the same; some other • Cats and dogs have quite dissimilar characteristics, for the puppy trying to please both you and the fresh cat trusting this is your jobs to help you excite they. • Twins Bob and you can Ray enjoys different perform within mobile phone business; Bob’s from inside the operations, and you can Ray’s an operator. [-ity n., -ly adv.] [Syn. different]

evaporate (DIS i PAYT) vt. step 1. to-break up-and scatter; dispel; disperse; 2. to-drive entirely out; build decrease; step three. in order to waste or drop • The new rising sunrays can help to evaporate the fresh new fog. • Obviously, it will not entirely evaporate up until the rays of the sun have experienced a beneficial chance to dry up all of the water droplets. • Don’t dissipate your energy wanting a beneficial leprechaun. [-d, dissipating] [Syn. scatter]

distinct* (dis TEENKT) adj. 1. maybe not alike; different; 2. different; individual; separate; 3. obviously experienced or designated out of; clear; plain; cuatro. well defined; unmistakable; specified • • • •

All of the school shuttle features a definite serial number

identify (dis TING want to) vt. 1. to differentiate; to help you sense or inform you the real difference during the; to differentiate; dos. to get an essential feature out of; characterize; step three. in order to ous otherwise well-known; give improvement in order to • Rubies and sapphires can easily be popular out of each other of the color. • Firmness distinguishes real diamonds out of phony of them. • The brand new Dewey Quantitative Program helps us to acknowledge a text by their safeguards. • “The latest famous senator out of (your state)” is a title of rating and you will respect. [-ed, -ing, -in a position adj., -ably adv.] [Syn. discriminate]

distort (dis TAWRT) vt. 1. so you’re able to spin out-of shape; replace the normal figure, setting, or appearance of; 2. to misrepresent; misstate; pervert • Plastic dolls and you will step numbers are really easy to distort. • Martin’s article on Korea surely distorts the details. [-ed, -ing, -emergency room n.] [Syn. deform]

diversion* (di Ver zhuhn) letter. step 1. a spinning out; 2. distraction out-of notice; 3. whatever distracts the eye, such a pursuit otherwise an enjoyment • Diversion of one’s Colorado River thanks to tunnels anticipate the fresh Vacuum cleaner Dam becoming situated close Las vegas. • Japan attacked the brand new Aleutians from inside the The second world war because a diversion to draw America’s interest out of Midway. • Half dozen Flags provides diversion within numerous theme parks. divination (DIV we NAY pass up) n. 1. a looking to predict the long run otherwise examine the fresh new unfamiliar from the means beyond individual expertise; 2. a beneficial prophecy; prediction; foreknowing; step 3. a proper assume or a good instinct • Divination are commonly included in the outdated West so you’re able to us’s stock and you will exchange was divination. • Individual who works in divination can be called a beneficial happy guesser. • Divination try ESP (not ESPN).

Brief Remark #31 Fulfill the term of line dos toward term out of line step one that means very nearly exactly the same thing. 1. dispersal

divisive (di VYS iv otherwise di VIS iv) adj. resulting in office, specifically ultimately causing conflict or dissension • Whether to get an additional canine is actually an effective divisive thing getting Lois and Jeremy. • And therefore debts will likely be repaid first is frequently a divisive matter having newly weds and you can longtime couples the exact same. divulge (div UHLDZH) vt. and also make known; disclose; unveil; tell you • New newsprint journalist try required never to disclose the source out of his highly delicate guidance. • Basically were to divulge for you the key procedure one have been active in the to make regarding the device, I would need certainly to capture you. [-d, divulging] [Syn. reveal]

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